Saturday, February 26, 2011

lord of war(ahli naar)

Maggots ate my flesh, Worms spread on my bones
Grain dust in my lungs, Blood shed from my mouth
...I saw death, I saw death...

Sadness and pain, sickness and wounds
All those judgments, questions, no answer, punishment
Denial and hatred, counting on nothing
All those hates, all those rages, all damages, I've created

Give me the strength to win this battle
A divine power - I'm gonna dance with the devil
A drowned man can be awaken, a broken man can be healed
Though must swallowed poison, embrace the fear

Free fall... hell awaits...
Gasping the last breath

Give up on YOU, nothing to say
Lay down my heart in YOUR hands on my pray
Give up on YOU, I'd like to say
I still believe that truth will find the way

Weakness and will and strength I need lost in every step
Don't label me a freak, I'm facing my own demon
Brutal, Rebel, ignorance, stubborn, selfish, arrogance, drugs and anarchy
Dead souls out of you and me

Symptom of anger... symptom of hate...
Symptom of wrath... symptom of rage...
Leading a tyrant... leading to dictate...
Feeding your lust, and we shall...
Fight... Force... Fight... I give up on YOU

I might be right... I might be wrong
This futile fight, it takes too long

Will YOU save me... Will YOU save me from myself
Will YOU take me home...

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