Sunday, February 13, 2011

Poetically Pathetic

I'm thinking of the words to say
I'd like to think that this was fate
Reference to a song you love
Spell confusion with a "K"
Like a star without its strings
I'm hanging here on these two wings
For that smile and those eyes
I'm falling

If time could stop

How can i make this more poetic
When there's nothing more pathetic
To be said

You bring me out

Show me light
I'm sorry if i hide
I'm too afraid to look inside
You carry truth
You make me smile
If it were you and me tonight
I would tame the stars
And save the brightest one for you

If you ever had the chance

Would you make your life seem right
Or would you only hold it back
The good times, the hard and the bad
Whatever you say is alright
Just as long as there's no doubt
Could you look me in the eye
And say hopes died

Our wish

Each time
Keeps me returning to you
Night after night
Lift me up as high
As the clouds that warm the sky
For you and 

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