Friday, December 24, 2010

M.O.G.S.A.W. Lyrics


Uhmm, There's no reason to deny you
You are a descent of the world of the universe
How can't I ain't love you even if I never feel you breathe
You are a miracle, the poetry of a paradise

The M.O.G, I can feel, all
Your existence, inner soul, can I be
One of your love, one to serve, you
I'll give my life, all my life,
I am yours, your martyr

Alone perceiving, in silent dark before going down
And now you'll see, what you've done to me
When I'm crying to myself, I realized that you're the one
Imagine if you're not mine, I will definitely be blind

You change your vision, control your lust, believe me
cuz everything will be proved with the truth at the last
Death soon will come, God never shows you'll never know
Whether you'll be in the dark or you'll be in the light

So now, become martyr, no fear

Death soon will come and God never shows
How'd you prepare your end if you can't take care of your soul?
World's just a deceit and a place for a joke
Angel of death will choke (you) in your breath

No one can help you, when God smack your face
No one can help you, dead and buried in the narrow grave

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